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This mid-range model is perfect for regular use in smaller households.

Product Features

  • 1-stage grind technology
  • High-torque Dura-Drive™ induction motor
  • Continuous feed operation
  • Built-in air switch
  • Stainless steel grind elements
  • Quick Lock® mounting assembly for faster, easier installation
  • Standard grind chamber (900ml) and superior stainless steel grinding elements
  • 3 year warranty
  • 0.55hp
InSinkErator® Double Bowl Connector Kit

InSinkErator® Double Bowl Connector Fitting Kit.  For use with all Food Waste disposers.  To assist with fitting the Food Waste Disposer to a double bowl sink.


InSinkErator® Plastic Stopper

InSinkErator® Plastic Stopper/Plug helps prevent cutlery and non food waste items from falling into the disposer while adding to quiet operation. It also acts as a plug to capture water in the sink.  For use with models 45+, 46, 55+, 56, 65+, and 66 Food Waste Disposers.

InSinkErator® Square Waste Adaptor

InSinkErator® Square Waste Adaptor.  For use with sinks with square waste.  Measurement of waste 115mm x 115mm.  Fits all InSinkErator Food Waste Disposers.

InSinkErator® Button & Tube Kit

InSinkErator® Airswitch Button and Tube Kit.  No electrical component. InSinkErator Airswitch provides a safe and easy way to turn the disposer on and off.  A simple push-button switch sends an air pulse through a thin plastic tube to the disposer switch unit. This activates/deactivates the disposer and eliminates the need for a separate wall switch.  For use with Models 55+, 56, 65+, 66, Evolution 100 and Evolution 200. Available in Chrome only.


InSinkErator® Mounting Gasket 45+ 46, 55+, 56

InSinkErator® Mounting Gasket / Baffle Flange.  It  is a replacement mounting gasket that attaches to the top of the food waste disposer and connects to the sink flange. For use with models 45+, 46, 55+, and 56.  Food waste disposer must be removed to fit this part under sink.

InSinkErator® Extended Mounting Flange

InSinkErator® Extended Mounting Flange / Collar. Suitable for a sink with a thinckness of 18mm plus.  Use with all food waste disposers.