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The Shelf and Spa/Bath Outlet

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All in one bathroom shelf and waterfall spout

The Shelf wall mounted bath or spa filler will provides a stylish and functional addition to your bathing retreat. With over 120mm of reach. Providing a 130mm wide sheet of water into your bath, perfect for bubbles. The shelf is 300mm wide offering plenty of room to rest a couple of glasses of your favorite bubbly on for a fun bathing experience.

Push-Fit system makes for a simple install

  • Incorporating the innovative Push-Fit system installation is a breeze.
  • Simply remove your old spout leaving just the plumbing thread sticking out of the wall. Apply thread seal Teflon tape. Undo the discreet grub screw on your spout and wind it onto just the end of your plumbing thread.
  • Then pull the spout away from the wall leaving the adapter on the plumbing thread. Now wind the adapter all the way onto the plumbing thread.
  • The Shelf Spout is also supplied with two brass lugs that are screwed to the wall so as to provide the extra support needed for the solid brass system. Once these are aligned with the rear of the spout and screwed to the wall you can then push your new spout back on and re-tighten the grub screw.

Within minutes you can add a WOW factor to your bathroom.